OK. here's a selection of some of the guys I find hot.
(legal stuff below)

Don't ask me why, as they're all really different - there's just something about them that...... "makes me go mmmm!"

I guess it just shows that you don't necessarily go for just one type (well I certainly don't anyway ;-). Go take a look by clicking one of links below.
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It's kinda hard to figure out the type of guys I normally go for as it tends to evolve all the time - There's a bit more on this here with some pics so I guess that's a good enough guide.

To be honest though, I can be a bit of a twink man sometimes, although more recently I've started finding older guys pretty attractive too.

I've normally tended to go for cute, horny, sorted younger guys who don't have attitude (particularly about age or anything else) or have any hang ups about knowing what they like, but then again so many different things turn me on about different guys, so I guess it just depends.

Cute young latin, black, indian, dark-skinned guys or horny, boy-next-door types will always make me go kinda funny ;-)

Don't know whether it's just strange or whether I'm just a horny git (LOL) but theres' so many different types of guys that turn me on, it's actually quite difficult to try and explain what it is.

If you take a look through the pics in the links above, you'll probably start to get an idea though ;-)
OK, as far as I'm aware, all the pics here and in my other galleries, apart from my own pics, are of guys 18 or over, are in the public domain and shouldn't be subject to any copyright. If you own the copyright of any of the pics here and would like them removed then drop me a line here. If any of the pics here are of you or taken by you, then let me know if you also want them removed or if you want a link to your homepage. Either way, apologies to anyone who thinks these pics shouldn't be here.
so you're looking for more then eh....?

well I got some other pages which show a selection of  'harder' pics' I've collected, that in some way do it for me.

How sorted and comfortable you are about sex and about different people's 'tastes', will dictate whether you find these kind of pics incredibly erotic and horny or just not your thing!

Let's put it this way - if you like what you've seen so far (and want to see more!) or if you wanna see the other stuff that gets me going, then you'll probably not be too surprised but you know the drill, I gotta warn you first.

Click here and see what other lads have been sayin about what they've managed to see

Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on........

(Oh and by the way, if you're under 18, sorry guys, no can do!)
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