I like to write stuff down.

Sometimes it's the only way I can find to express my thoughts, my experiences and my ideas.

I hope, if you read some of this stuff, you enjoy it or you can relate to it.

Either way - give it a go and, if you'd like to, let me know your thoughts - I'd like to know what people think.

Some of this is stuff I've experienced, some just stuff I've written - I'll leave you to sort out which is which ;-)

If you wanna know when I've put more of my inane ramblings up here, if you've got any thoughts or comments or if you just wanna ask me something, drop me an email and I'll come back to you.
Coming Out
First Time
Who Lights Your candle?
First Night Out
my attempt at explaining what I
went through
short story about the first time out on the gay scene
another short story - this time about very first experiences
(fairly hard so if you're easily embarassed.....)
a piece about the type of guys I tend to go for (or at least find attractive anyways)
Being Gay 2
being different when you're young and not knowing why is difficult - here's what I think about having to deal with that
And for something different - Pics, pics and more pics - the guys I like, the guys I fancy and the guys I lust after!!!
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Nice n Easy
what actually get's talked about in those chat rooms we all know and love....
The Gay Thing
my thoughts on the whole 'being gay' thing
Monogamy or Bust?
my thoughts on what 'open' relationships mean and whether they're right or wrong.
"Gomorrah, Gomorrah, I luv ya Gomorrah"
A kind of irreverant but philosophical look a the 7 Deadly Sins and whether they're as relevant today as they were all those years ago!
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If  you like harder stories, here's a page with some stories I've picked up along the way