celebrity totty
There're some guys out there that just do it for me, big time.

Here's a collection of pics of some famous guys that'd have a free night pass with me if they ever came calling! (legal stuff below)
Philip Olivier
Leo DiCaprio
Jesse Spencer
River Pheonix
Jonny Wilkinson
Andrew Keegan
Orlando Bloom
Clint Moffat
Tim Henman
Chad Murray
OK, as far as I'm aware, all the pics here and in my other galleries, apart from my own pics, are in the public domain and shouldn't be subject to any copyright. If you own the copyright of any of the pics here and would like them removed then drop me a line here. If any of the pics here are of you or taken by you, then let me know if you also want them removed or if you want a link to your homepage. Either way, apologies to anyone who thinks these pics shouldn't be here.
Justin Timberlake
Bruno Langley
Charlie Hunman